Gas Permeable Contact Len Care
» Use doctor recommended solution with your lenses. Store brands are not recommended.

» Use Boston Advance to disinfect and store your lenses.

• Do not top off used lens cleaning solutions or reuse them.

• Use a contact lens solution to clean and rinse; then air dry contact lens cases after each use.

• Rub and rinse contact lenses for added effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection.

• Do not expose contact lenses or lens storage cases to any type of water or other non-sterile solutions.

• Do not use contact lens solutions beyond their expiration date.

• Consult your doctor before using over-the-counter drops whole wearing your lenses.

• Always have a wearable pair of glasses even if you “never” wear your glasses.

• Replace your lenses every year.

• Replace your contact lens case every three months

• Use sterile saline or multipurpose solution to rinse case, then wipe case dry with a tissue.

• Ask your doctor if daily disposable lenses are available in your prescription; these are the healthiest option

contact lenses
• Remove your lenses and consult your eye doctor if you experience redness, pain, irritation, sensitivity to light, or decreased vision.