Soft Contact Len Care
The majority of the time wearing contact lenses is problem free. Inappropriate care of your contacts can result in contact lens discomfort and contact lens intolerance on the mild end of the spectrum to more severe conditions that can be vision threatening. In order to minimize the risk of a complication with the health of your eyes related to contacts, take the following steps:
» Use doctor recommended solution with your lenses. Store brands are not recommended.

» Saline is NOT to be used as a disinfectant. Saline is only to be used for rinsing.

• Do not top off used lens cleaning solutions or reuse them.

• Use a contact lens solution to clean and rinse; then air dry contact lens cases after each use.

• Rub and rinse contact lenses for added effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection.

• Do not expose contact lenses or lens storage cases to any type of water or other non-sterile solutions.

• Do not use contact lens solutions beyond their expiration date.

• Consult your doctor before using over-the-counter drops whole wearing your lenses.

• Always have a wearable pair of glasses even if you "never" wear your glasses.

• Stick to your recommended replacement schedule

• Replace your contact lens case every three months

• Use sterile saline or multipurpose solution to rinse case, then wipe case dry with a tissue.

• Ask your doctor if daily disposable lenses are available in your prescription; these are the healthiest option

contact lenses
• Remove your lenses and consult your eye doctor if you experience redness, pain, irritation, sensitivity to light, or decreased vision.