Renovation Multifocal Gas Permeable Lenses

Now meeting the needs of even more presbyopes!
Also available in back, front and bi-toric designs!

The Renovation Multifocal is ideal for:
• All presbyopic patients, even the mature presbyope with an add power of +2.25D or higher
• Patients who need good vision at all distances, including intermediate distance vision for computer use
• Patients with solid motivation and realistic expectations
The Renovation and Renovation E multifocal are developed with the needs of the mature presbyope in mind making it perfectly suited for patients with add powers of +2.25D or more.

The Renovation E Multifocal design

• Combines the power of Renovation’s flexible front surface control with base curve Eccentricity.


The Renovation Multifocal design
• A flexible, front surface eccentricity control platform designed to reduce spherical aberration to see near without optical distortion.
• An adjustable distance zone diameter to accommodate patients with large or small pupils.
• Proprietary thickness control to maximize lens centration and wearing comfort even in lenses with higher add powers.
• Advanced ray tracing technology to ensure proper focus of near, intermediate and distance power ranges with all parameter combinations.