Prosthetic Contact Lenses
Today, more and more people are ordering prosthetic contact lenses. For a number of reasons, including eye injuries, one patient's eye may appear differently than the other.

We provide custom-tinted contact lenses to aesthetically match dissimilar appearing eyes, closely simulating the patterns and colors of the natural eye. This includes discolored or misshaped pupils and eyes that suffer from albinism, color vision deficiencies, amblyopia, or other ocular anomalies.

Visit our BioColors page for available colors.

Not all tinted lenses simply change eye color; they can also be used as a base for the piggyback system. Complex fits such as traumatic eye injuries and keratoconic patients may end up wearing a piggyback system.

An occluder (to reduce glare) can be made in a soft cosmetic design and the complex astigmatism can be resolved with a rigid lens. You will appreciate the filter effect of an enhancer tint to reduce glare.

True prosthetic contact lenses can change a person's life. Patients with scarred corneas, irregular irides, or complaints of monocular diplopia can benefit from a prosthetic soft lens. Prosthetic lenses can be stock designs or custom made.
Prosthetic Contact Lenses