Biocolors Contact Lenses
Premium Custom Color Contact Lenses
BioColors™ contact lenses are available in almost any prescription, ±20.00 sphere powers, as well as up to -10.00 cylinder for astigmatism. BioColors contact lenses are also available in many colors and options. See all 16 colors below.
 Use the interactive tools below to design a custom contact lens just for you!
V-series is good for light-colored eyes | X-series is good for dark-colored eyes
 Currently displaying available colors in the V-series style.
with no added options.
Aqua Enhancer Blue Enhancer Green Enhancer Baby Blue
Blue Gray  Caribbean Turquoise  Lavender
 Evergreen Pistachio  Stormy Gray Granite
Honey Chestnut Pecan  Dark Cocoa
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