msdtm is a unique solution for those challenging patients who present with keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, keratoglobus, post graft corneas, RK, PRK and LASIK induced ectasia or any compromised and/or irregular corneas including dry eyes.

The msdtm provides superior comfort for patients with anterior corneal dystrophies. And delivers uncompromised, excellent optics regardless of the corneal irregularities.

The msd Mini-Scleral Design design has a distinctive posterior lens surface incorporating reverse geometry with specially designed optical and posterior curves. The msd's profile curve generates the front surface of the tear layer that forms between the cornea and msd lens. It is this smooth refracting surface that eliminates much of the irregular and regular astigmatism caused by the corneal surface.

The msd's aspheric front surface optics reduces aberrations further improving vision. The msd thinner profile and design results in minimal lens edge/lid interaction, providing excellent patient comfort. The thinner lens profile combined with the high oxygen permeability of Boston XO and Boston XO2 materials allow maximum oxygen transmission, maintaining corneal health.
  The msd is easy to fit and is suitable for anterior segment pathology cases ranging from dry eyes, advanced Keratoconus to post Lasik and other compromised and irregular corneas on which fitting corneal contact lenses has not lead to optimal results.